The Gravel Garden supplies Heirloom seed to the Home grower, Small farmer and Gardening enthusiast.

We ‘farm’ a garden in the suburbs of Somerset West with the main goal of saving and supplying vegetable seed as well as eating tasty, ¬†nutritious and ultimately the freshest ¬†homegrown produce.

A lot of the old varieties are where the flavours lie. Many modern hybrids are bred to withstand long storage and transportation times and it is often the thin skinned tastier produce(especially tomatoes)that have been bypassed commercially .

These amazing and almost forgotten open- pollinated varieties are fast disappearing off seed lists and being replaced by modern alternatives.

We have practiced the simple art of seed saving for over 10 000 years, sadly we have almost lost this knowledge base in the short space of 100 years. The time is now not later to save these trustworthy varieties for future generations.

Break ground on your veggie plot today and start growing your own .

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All seed is R20.00